The 13 Most Popular Handbags Of 2022

As ‘90s and 2000s trends repeat themselves, it’s easy to watch and find the popular, revived styles of bags dramatic, or a little too outré. For people who prefer to keep it casual, there’s the hobo bag. It’s the perfect style to pair with some medium-wash distressed jeans, a tee and a slightly oversized blazer—nothing high-maintenance about it.

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Metrics such as quality, desirability, and rarity can increase the value of handbags if and when you decide to sell one. SPF are important for soaking up the sun, a beach bag is necessary to store those essentials. This carryall doesn’t just have to be waterproof and sand-proof—it should be fashionable as well (you never know who you’ll meet while sipping waterside rosé). Most of these styles work just as well for grocery shopping or airplane carry-ons when summer is over. The beauty of a standout designer bag is that it’s innately versatile, so you never have to worry about what to style it with.

Complete with an interior and external pocket, you will surely divide all your stuff and find them instantly. The tote comes in six different hues and a puffed-up design to match your favorite puffer coat. The bubble-looking material is lightweight and will hold all your essentials.

This upgrade for the classic clutch is great, making it far easier to hold and carry wherever you go. Made of luxe leather, the bag also comes in a rainbow of permanent and seasonal colors from bright sunny yellow to clean white and everything in between. In neutral colors to match any outfit, here’s a tote for you. The bag comes in the above colors, as well as 13 others from black and navy to more fun greens, blues, purples and more. This petite bag is so perfect we can’t believe we’ve survived without it.

This larger bag is made of natural leather and made to last through the seasons, coming in a stunning dark red as well as in brown, black and navy blue. Skinny baguette bags took off this year, and now we get why. This all-black Coach Swinger 20 is a great staple for any woman’s wardrobe, as you can never go wrong with black.