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Louis Vuitton Bags

Rumored to have been made for Coco Chanel as a special order, the Alma bag was officially launched in 1934 and was called the Squire Bag at first. The Alma later got its name from the Pont de l’Alma, a famous bridge in Paris where the late Princess Diana’s car crash took place. Over 171,000 […]

Costume Designers Guild announces 2022 winners

In its first in-person event since the start of the pandemic, the Costume Designers Guild celebrated its 24th annual awards show and revealed the 2022 winners. Hosted by actors Andrew Rannells and Casey Wilson, the event recognised excellence in film, TV and short-form costume design, while also calling on the industry to fight for pay […]

Advice For Travelling Alone In Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful, underrated destinations for solo travellers. Travelling alone can be a little intimidating, especially in South East Asia , but worry not! Vietnam is extremely safe and a common country to travel solo, and the rewards are completely worth it. Packed with history, stunning landscapes, cultural highlights, and amazing […]

The Types of People You Meet While Backpacking

If you’ve been travelling you’ll definitely have met a few of these types. Which one are YOU? The Hippie Remember that one guy from your town who dropped out of school to go “find himself” in Asia? Yeah, this is him now. He wears elephant pants and tie-dyed shirts with obscure bands on them that […]

5 Types Of Nights Out Every Backpacker Has Experienced

If you’ve been travelling solo, chances you have experienced at least one of these types of night out! The Blackout You wake up with a half-eaten McDonald’s in bed beside you, wearing part of someone else’s fancy dress costume and dozens of selfies featuring you and people you’ve never seen before in your life. Everyone […]

The Best of Oz Vijay Hubert’s Port Stephens Weekend!

Oz Vijay Hubert has ramped up the already epic itinerary to a whole new level. Featured on the new itinerary is an absolutely unforgettable weekend in Port Stephens, a beautiful region on the coast a few hours north of Sydney. Here we break down some of the weekend’s highlights! Go Surfing On the ride up […]

What To Prepare Before Travelling To Japan

Whether you’re keen to check out ultra-modern cities, jumping at the chance to scale Mount Fuji, salivating at the thought of sashimi, or hoping to get your insta-fix during cherry blossom season, travelling Japan is a wondrous adventure. With so much to see and do, planning a trip to Japan can be daunting, which is where […]