Best period-proof activewear: leakproof leggings that are eco-friendly

Don’t let your time of the month stand in the way of your fitness goals

In recent years, there has been a complete overhaul in the period care space. While there was once a hugely limiting selection, you can now find all manner of solutions to suit your preferences – particularly when it comes to opting for more eco-friendly practices with the likes of moon cups and reusable sanitary pads.

According to the Akatu Institute, a woman can accumulate about 200 kilos of waste alone in disposable sanitary pads, which take more than 400 years to decompose in landfills. The new crop of time-of-the-month specialists have taken a cold hard look at the tampons and sanitary towels that dominated the supermarket shelves and revolutionised the market with alternatives that are not only kinder to the planet but for your body too.

Period pants are one such solution that are a godsend for when Aunt Flo pays her monthly visit. These are reusable underwear kitted out with super-absorbing padding that can hold up to 12 hours worth of flow. They go in the washing machine and can be worn time and time again, saving waste and your precious pennies.

But not content on solely transforming your underwear collection, the likes of Thinx, Pantys and more have taken it one step further with activewear complete with period protection built in.

In a UK-wide poll of 2,000 women conducted by Populus, 54 per cent of participants said they stopped exercising due to their menstrual cycle, with that number increasing to 73 percent among 16 to 24-year-olds. But this doesn’t need to be the case. These tailor-made leggings come with leak protection as standard so you can jump, squat and lunge to your heart’s content, while feeling safe, secure and odour-free.

Constructed with stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric, these leggings are designed to move with your body and always with the optimal fit. No fear about VPL: with the best options listed below, the padding disappears underneath your clothing to give you a streamlined appearance without broadcasting the fact you’re on your period.