IBM Websphere Process Server
Administration of IBM WebSphere Process Server V7

Course Outline

► Course introduction
► Overview of WebSphere Process Server
► WebSphere Process Server installation
► Exercise: Installing WebSphere Process Server
► Architecture overview
► Exercise: Configuring the cell
► WebSphere Process Server components
► Exercise: Installing the IBM HTTP Server
► WebSphere Process Server deployment topologies
► Exercise: Creating the clusters
► Introduction to the service integration bus
► Exercise: Configuring the messaging cluster
► Service integration bus and Service Component Architecture
► Business process choreography concepts
► Business process choreography runtime overview
► Exercise: Installing and configuring the business process and human task containers
► Exercise: WebSphere Process Server administration
► Introduction to Business Space
► Exercise: Configuring Business Space
► Human tasks
► Exercise: Working with human tasks
► Business rules and selectors
► Exercise: Working with business rules
► Introduction to the Common Event Infrastructure
► Exercise: Configuring the Common Event Infrastructure
► WebSphere Process Server template-driven deployment
► Exercise: Performing a deployment environment installation
► Exercise: Completing a deployment environment installation
► High availability manager, core groups, and policies
► Exercise: Creating messaging engine policies
► WebSphere Process Server advanced topologies
► Course summary